We are sisters that share a passion for creating. Living on the sunny Gold Coast we are surrounded by the natural beauty of the ocean and the lush retreat of the hinterland. All this natural beauty has inspired us to look towards Mother Nature and it’s bounty to create our Xander and Lou collections.

We create each piece by hand, slowing down the process by painting, dying, stitching or screen printing our designs individually. This creates a human connection and personal touch with each Xander and Lou item, making it truly one of a kind. Being conscious of our impact on this beautiful Earth, we make each item ethically and to order, this ensures we don’t create oversupply and nothing goes to waste.


Our Xander and Lou focus is on sustainable and natural fibres which have come from Mother Earth and are biodegradable meaning, it’s not only better for the environment but better for us.

Linen is not only a beautiful textured fabric, it’s also plant-based made from flax. Linen generally grows well in most soil conditions and in rough terrain that’s unsuitable for food production. Linen is more sustainably grown, resistance to most insects and pests, and requires only a small amount of water in comparison to other plant types. Linen is one of the most biodegradable fabrics and the most durable as it gets better (and softer) with age every time you wash it.

Cotton is a natural fibre which is renewable and biodegradable. Some of our pieces use organic cotton which means it has been grown without using harmful pesticides, chemicals, and synthetic fertilisers. Organic cotton is more sustainable, using less fuel, water and energy to produce… so basically organic is better for the environment and better for us.


For all our Australian orders we use compost satchels from Better Packaging Co. Made from corn starch and completely compostable at home, make sure you put these bags in with your food scrapes and garden waste. Read more about our packaging here : https://www.betterpackaging.com/compost-packs/